RUINED is our 2018 drama short film written, directed and produced by Glad Moss. The film project had been into works since April 2016 before it's release September 19th 2018.

SynopsisA 17 year old troubled boy gets abused on his way home after school one evening. Attempting to seek justice  things go awry and the boy is left forever hunted.

Director & Producer: Glad Moss

Cast list:

Ntonga Mwanza-Mike 

Wesley Magee-John

Anthony Chisholm-Mike's dad

Lawrence Nague-Mikes brother

Maria Carmel-Mike's mother

Lamar Morris-Boy 1

Colm Bateman-Boy 2

Luigi Ambrosio-Boy 3

Jonathan Grist-Building site owner


Development and writing: The script idea came about, in 2016, after Glad reading several articles about male-on-male abuse. Glad researched about the crime later to find more shocking facts thus he proceeded to explore and latter on write the script. His intension was to make the film in honour of the victims. In his words he said "Male victims should not have to deal with it like a man. They should also be able to know that what's done to them is wrong and come forward for support and justice"

Ruined was based on actual events that Glad  read from  articles written over the last couple of years. The story deals with many subjects; race, school issues, status, survival, family issues, abuse, society issues, injustice but most importantly RAPE.

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