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Director: Glad Moss

Release date: 19th Sep. 2018

A 17 year old troubled boy gets abused on his way home after school one evening. Attempting to seek justice things go awry and the boy is left forever hunted.


Director: Glad Moss

Release date: 21st Nov. 2016

A 21 year old Brazilian violinist in UK tells his story about how he became successful. Being perfect at what you do is not an easy journey. It has it’s ups and downs as well struggles.



Director : Glad Moss

Release date: 14th Feb. 2014

Just months after loosing his wife to cancer, a man’s life is once again turned upside down when his son ends up on the death bed sickened with the same disease. The man turns the whole world against himself by kidnapping his son from the hospital to spend his last days at home. Will this man successfully fight and overpower the world and fulfil his son’s wishes to pass on peacefully?


Director: Glad Moss & Editor.

Release date: 12th Oct 2013.

This is a nice video that Glad Moss made with his two good collaborators, Nellie and Fanny. The documentary gives us a picture of how the churches were in the earlier centuries. The power people had over others. The influence over the commoners. Actors: Glad Moss, Fanyy Bergstädt, Nelie strand and voice by Leo Broman